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Exit Test is an example of a safety training game made with the LOCI platform.

Exit Test is based on the knowledge requirements of an evacuation drill. It uses a video simulation to help people memorize their route to an emergency exit, and our Tap Quiz feature to verify they’ve learned the route by locating the exit on a map.

Why It Works

Simulation training builds real memories.
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The brain reacts to navigating virtual environments  with the same spatial memory activity as if you’re physically there. This means that your brain stores knowledge of a route when you watch a video the same way it does when you walk it. Now you can know your evacuation route without waiting for an annual fire drill.


In one study, a simulation training group retained 75-90% more information compared to the traditional training group. In another study, the addition of simulation training improved reaction times to an emergency by 60% after one simulation, and 90% after the second.

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Location is the key to learning.

Location and long-term memory are connected in the brain, which means that everything you remember is located on a map in your head. LOCI helps build strong memories by connecting important safety information with real world locations where it’s needed. Stronger memories help you make faster, safer decisions in an emergency. Our Tap Quiz feature verifies users have learned the route by locating the exit on a map.


Make Your Own Safety Game

LOCI makes it easy to turn your safety knowledge into highly effective training games.
Why It Matters

We tend to panic in emergencies, which makes it hard to think straight. Unless we’re trained properly, most of us will evacuate a building the way we came in. 


During the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, one of the deadliest in US history, hundreds of people streamed out the main entrance even though that path led directly into the line of fire. People deserve to be better prepared to act in an emergency. 


LOCI makes it possible to easily train anyone on vital safety knowledge, regardless of their age, location, device, or language of origin.

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